Wedding & Event HD Video Productions

Basic Wedding Video Package


The entire ceremony is filmed from beginning to end using 6 wireless microphones and two High Definition cameras. We capture every part of the service as it unfolds to produce a beautiful and accurate account of this portion of your special day. It is our intent to produce a video that, if watched in years to come, will bring back all the emotions experienced as if your were there again.


We stay at the Reception location for 3-4 hours. In that time, we capture: Introductions, Toasts, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Dollar Dance and pictures of the guests along with much more. We will work closely with the Bride/Groom and DJ to make sure everything has been captured before leaving. The final production will include at least 1 musical montage showing all the days events from the ceremony and the reception put to a suitable musical background.

Package Includes:

6 DVD copies (standard definition) and 1 Blu-Ray copy (High Definition) of your Full Wedding Day (Ceremony, Reception and montages) with full color graphics on DVD and Blu-Ray disks.
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We invite you to view some of examples of our work below.

Ashley and Dawson - Lake Placid Wedding

Filmed at the Whiteface Club and Resort in Lake Placid, New York in October of 2009. The highlights of the day are encapsulated in this musical montage.

Closing Musical Montage - Summer 2010

Typically, a montage like this is intended to encapsulate an entire event. This is no exception. It is always my hope that the "closing montage " we create brings back a flood of memories for the Bride and Groom.

Lake Placid Lodge closing montage - Summer 2011

Filmed outside Boldt Castle on Heart Island in the St. Lawrence River and also at  the Riveredge Resort in Alexandria Bay, New York in September of 2009. 

Lake Placid Lodge Intro - Summer of 2011

Lake Placid Lodge IntroFilmed in the Summer 2011 at Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid, New York. This is a short intro video which will set the stage for the upcoming wedding day events.

The First Dance

Filmed at the OnCenter in Syracuse, New York in May of 2009.

Thousand Islands - Cruise after Ceremony

Thousand Islands - Cruise after Ceremony watch video

Thousand Islands Montage of Wedding Day

A final look at the memorable events of the wedding day set to music.

Wedding Ceremony Part 1 - partial

Filmed in Canandiagua, New York in August of 2010. This is Part 2 of a sampling of Laura and Josiah's Wedding Ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Part 2 - partial

Filmed in Canandiagua, New York in August of 2010. This is Part 2 of a sampling of Laura and Josiah's Wedding Ceremony.

Wedding Pictures

All Weddings have a pictures session and this one is no exception. We watched as this couples photographer took pictures of the bridal party. Filmed in the fall of 2009 on Heart Island, Alexandria Bay New York. 

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